Vélez & Lozano participates in a reforestation activity in El Valle

Through the programme 'Your footprint countsThis past Sunday, February 4, more than 1,000 people participated in the 'Social Corporate Responsibility' campaign, promoted by the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities. 35 volunteers (between workers and family) of Vélez & Lozano we went to the El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park to carry out a reforestation and environmental awareness activity.

Accompanied by an official of the Protected Natural AreaWe received a short training on the subject and we moved on a short route to the Sequén area, where we started the activity. The aim is to cover certain shortcuts by means of reforestation, so that both walkers and cyclists respect the established paths and minimise the damage we cause to the natural environment as far as possible.

These are several examples of the before and after of the action:

We have also created a video-summary of the day, in which, as you can see, we also had time to have lunch all together at the Valley Equestrian Centre:

In addition, part of our commitment as a company is to be 'custodians' of the area for two years, so we will be undertaking similar initiatives again.