Vélez y Lozano, the first dental clinic in Murcia to use Artificial Intelligence in its diagnoses.

At Vélez & Lozano we have become the first dental clinic in the Region of Murcia to use Artificial Intelligence to help diagnose our patients. Thanks to an agreement with the American company Hello Pearlthe developer of the software Second OpinionWe have caught up with the technology that we believe is set to shape the decade ahead.

Thanks to this AI, our dentists in Murcia have a second pair of eyes to help them detect dental pathologies but, above all, we are taking a step in line with our philosophy, always committed to innovation and going hand in hand with the latest technology available on the market.

This Artificial Intelligence can, among other things, help dentists not to overlook small details on x-rays, such as an incipient interdental cavity, that are worth keeping under preventive control in patient check-ups.