What are grillz?

In our new entry we talk about the GRILLZ that have become so fashionable in recent times by artists like Rosalía.

Surely you have seen some artists on the red carpet with a "different" smile lately. Photographs or reports where more than the dresses, suits or shoes, the brightness of their smiles stood out. And we are not referring to a natural glow, but to a jewellery glitter.

Today we are going to talk about grillz, these "caps" that are placed over the teeth and are made of precious metals such as gold and often covered with diamonds. They are covers that can be put on and taken off at any time and completely transform your smile.

Rosalía is probably the first name that comes to mind when you read this, but she is not the only one. Although this year she has appeared in several events and videoclips with a smile of gold and diamonds, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Madonna  also made use of these grillz on special occasions.

This fashion, whose origin can be traced back to The Hip Hop movement of the 80s in New York is back on trend. That's why from Velez & Lozanoyour dental clinic in MurciaWe would like to warn you about the possible consequences of its use.

Firstly, by wearing these metal sleeves, occlusion is altered, that is, you cannot close your teeth normally. This situation, continued over time, can cause problems in the musculature that is responsible for opening and closing the mouth, in turn leading to headaches or neck pain.

As we have already mentioned, grillz are made of metal and are therefore harder than natural teeth. That is why the teeth against which the metal collides are in danger of being damaged. breaks or fractures. This trauma can result in anything from dental overload to irreversible fractures.

Something important to bear in mind when making them is that they must be far enough away from the gum, so that they allow correct hygiene and do not damage or irritate the gum on contact. Undoubtedly, the best way to tackle this problem is to entrust the manufacture of the same to an qualified professional for this.

It is important to entrust manufacturing to a qualified professional.

In terms of oral hygiene, it is important to take the utmost care during use. When these caps are placed on the tooth, the tooth becomes thickened. This thickening facilitates the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the tooth surface, which can lead to gum inflammation and tooth decay.

Critical to minimising these problems is the fit of the veneer to the teeth. In cases where the fit is very poor, there will be a gap between the two surfaces, a space in which oral bacteria will find the best conditions to generate new caries. Therefore, it is very important who makes the grillz.

... Of course, don't buy them on the Internet!

It should avoid buying them online as they have standard measurements and the final fit is not ideal. Without a doubt, our recommendation is to go to a professional in aesthetics and oral health so that both the design and the manufacture are completely personalised.

Another key factor in controlling the risk of such consequences is the time of use. To this end, we must limit use at specific times or in specific situations.

So if you're thinking of using it at some point, don't forget our recommendations and above all, enjoy smiling.