Why do the 'attachments' of clear orthodontic systems darken? - Invisalign Sewer

Numerous patients from Murcia and surroundings are deciding every day to improve their dental health and aesthetics with orthodontic treatments that allow them to place their teeth in an ideal position, facilitating their daily cleaning, and helping them to smile in a frank, natural and carefree way.

And more and more people are also opting for transparent orthodontic systems to do so, such as Invisaligna technique based on the digitised fabrication of sequenced aligners that perform 0.25 millimetre movements on each tooth during the 14 days that the patient wears an aligner.

These patients, who enjoy a comfortable, aesthetic treatment with proven results in more than two million cases worldwide, sometimes see the 'buttons' that are placed on the surface of their teeth during treatment (and removed at the end without leaving marks) become slightly darker or stained, usually due to habits such as drinking wine or smoking.

Can Invisalign attachments be 'whitened'?

It is not necessary to 'whiten these teeth, it is enough to apply a spray of bicarbonate or glycine with pressurised water, using specific instruments only available in state-of-the-art dental clinics, which allows the removal of extrinsic stains or stains, returning the patient to their initial aesthetic appearance and allowing them to continue with their normal life.

This procedure is quick, painless, and completely harmless, both for the patient and for the orthodontic treatment itself, as it does not affect the macroscopic characteristics of the attachments or buttons that your dental professional will place on your teeth as part of this treatment.