Dental Blancorexia: Obsession with white teeth

What is blancorexia? It is an unquestionable reality that in recent years the general population's interest in taking care of their aesthetics has been progressively increasing, generating various and diverse psychological disorders. Surely you yourself, reading this, are thinking of a specific person in your life who is suffering from [...]

Types of dental implants

In dentistry in general, great advances have been made in recent years, which has had a particular impact on the more complex branches of dentistry, such as implantology. It is no coincidence that since the first dental implant was placed in a person in 1965, it has been possible, according to the data that [...]

What does a dental cleaning at Vélez & Lozano consist of?

What is a dental cleaning Dental plaque, together with bacteria, food debris and saliva, lead to the formation of tartar or dental calculus, that hard, yellowish (or even brownish) substance that usually accumulates between our teeth, especially in the lower section. Despite the fact that many people [...]

Dental X-rays

Fortunately, the use of X-rays in dental clinics is becoming more and more widespread. This technique, which has been helping to save human lives for decades, is also very useful, sometimes even essential, for the practice of dentistry. However, its use is always surrounded by a certain amount of controversy, due to the [...]

Ten dental health myths we must banish once and for all (and II)

As we promised in the previous post, which you can read here if you haven't already done so, the topic of myths about oral health was the subject of a second part, and right now you are reading its introduction. Don't forget that it is thanks to your feedback in networks, in the [...]

Ten dental health myths we must banish once and for all (I)

In our Dental Clinic in Murcia we usually find, like any dentist, a multitude of patients who continue to believe in a multitude of myths regarding dental health. Nobody knows very well where these beliefs come from, but their lack of scientific evidence has not been a problem for their propagation and for the people who believe in them.