Five reasons why your dentist can be a great friend

From a friend you expect many things: understanding, trust and other multiple pleasures and benefits that only a true friend can provide. Only a friend? This week from Vélez and Lozano we want to show you that some of the best virtues of friendship can also be found in your relationship with your dentist.

1- Improve your self-esteem

One of the main advantages of having a dentist is that your self-image will be improved. No more being afraid to smile or feeling insecure about bad breath. The dentist comes to our aid, improving our self-confidence and our ability to express ourselves as we are to others.

2- In all confidence

What happens in the dentist's office stays in the office. A true dental professional has patient intimacy as one of the cornerstones of his or her profession. Like the vast majority of health professionals, patients' problems are a confidential part of the job, and a hallmark of professionalism.

3- Look after your well-being

A good dentist monitors your health, keeping a continuous record over time. He or she is, so to speak, a person who looks after your wellbeing on an ongoing basis. In fact, if we are faithful to him/her, he/she can do so for the rest of our lives. On the other hand, dentists are specialists in giving preventive advice, so they are reminiscent of that friend who is always giving us advice on what we should do to avoid suffering.

4- It makes you smile

No matter how many years go by, your dentist will always want to see you smile, because your smile is the result of a job well done. They say that whoever loves you well will make you suffer. We think that those who really love you will make you smile.

5- It will never make you suffer

The myth of the dentist's chair as a torture rack has been over for some years now. Nowadays, there are multiple resources with which to say goodbye to pain, without giving up any treatment. Say goodbye to the old procedures and look for clinics that avoid pain for the patient.