Implants and MRI scans: a common question

El otro día estaba en el gabinete respondiendo a las dudas de última hora de una paciente antes de una intervención para colocar un implante unitario, algo que para mí es puramente rutinario. Sin embargo, al responder algunas de esas curiosas preguntas, que no todo el mundo formula, se me ocurrió que podrían tener cabida […]

Incorrectly fitted crown, can it happen?

Let's start at the beginning. What is a dental crown? Although as an implantologist I often talk about and handle implant crowns, in reality a dental crown is a type of indirect restoration that is made to restore both function and aesthetics to a tooth, and are made when the integrity of the original tooth is damaged or lost.

What material are dental implants made of?

As an implantologist dedicated exclusively to the placement of dental implants in Murcia, I am more than aware of this: it is always traumatic for a patient to have to lose a tooth. No matter the patient's profile, the most normal thing is that they try to avoid extraction at all costs. Afterwards, once the loss has been accepted, the [...]

Immediate loading implants, what are they and what can we expect from them?

As an implantologist, it is clear to me that one of the biggest concerns of patients considering dental implants is the waiting time. There are many who have passed through Vélez y Lozano's chair, and fortunately a large majority of them leave happy, but always with the same question: And when will I be able to [...]

Intravenous sedation and implant placement

Implant surgeries are one of the treatments that patients who come to a dental clinic are most concerned about. After all, although it is a much quicker procedure than most people think, and despite the fact that it is performed under local anaesthesia, it is a surgery that [...]