What is CSR and what do we do at Vélez & Lozano in this regard?

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

During this month of February we have talked a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) because part of our objectives for 2024 was to give a boost to the visible part of this important area for business in the 21st century. But what exactly is CSR and what is it?hat does it mean for us as a company?

CSR is the relationship that any company establishes with the world around it, with its environment and, above all, the way it wants to approach this relationship. For example, by not denying the impact that any business activity has on the environment. In this sense, CSR campaigns that try to minimise this impact or compensate it in some way through other initiatives are common. When we talk about this, it is common to think of industries or factories, and of large tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, but in reality even small companies, such as our dental clinic, generate an impact that, in our case, we try to minimise as far as possible.

But it is not only about the environment, although it is an important part of CSR and the example that usually comes to mind, but also about how it relates to the society of which it is inevitably a part. In this sense, each company has its own values and way of seeing the world, and we as a dental clinic are committed to raising awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, not only limiting ourselves to our field, but, as we understand the body as a complex and interconnected organism, reinforcing concepts such as a sedentary lifestyle or diet, among others.

And what does Vélez & Lozano do as part of its CSR?

One of the cornerstones of the clinic's philosophy and values has always been to minimise its unavoidable impact on the environment This is achieved by promoting the use of recycled paper, using reusable bottles, encouraging recycling both inside and outside our walls, using compostable cups and going digital, minimising the use of paper and using digital signatures on tablets and other devices.

In addition, we promote the sending of telematic information, we use energy-saving LED lights throughout the clinic, and we have recently participated, on a voluntary basis, in the 'Your Footprint Countsthanks to a reforestation activity in El Valle.

Citing other recent examples, and in the sense of expanding CSR not only to the environment but also to society in general, we actively collaborate in initiatives such as such as Promosalud'sSEPA's initiative with the support of Dentaid that aims to facilitate the early detection of diabetes and high blood pressure in dental practices or the new Tato Sport's 'Psychopedagogical and Multisport Campus'. for young people in the neighbourhood, in order to promote sport as an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle.

We have also participated in the XXI National Open Air Painting Competition of the Santa María de Gracia neighbourhood, as well as many other initiatives that we have developed - and will continue to develop - over the years.


We hope that these concrete examples will make it a little clearer what exactly is the RSC and what some companies like ours are doing about it.