Vélez & Lozano joins the claims for World Autism Awareness Day

Once again, today, 2 April, marks the celebration of the World Autism Awareness Dayand as dental clinic committed to its environment and society, we would like to join and share several of its demands, among which we highlight as important the need for greater visibility and education of the general population about disorders related to the autistic spectrum, which continue to generate a great deal of confusion.

At Vélez & Lozano for more than a year now that we have developed a special protocol to deal with this type of patient.We are aware that the greatest challenge facing this sector of society is to make the rest of society understand their skills. For this reason, in recent years, the United Nations has been promoting the incorporation of this type of people into the labour market, under the slogan: "...the best way to help people with disabilities to find a job".I can learn, I can work“.

Even so, and as we have emphasised on other occasions, we are aware that equity and equality are not the same thing when it comes to offering a service, and that is why this type of patient, very dependent at very early stages of their development, is treated differently by our paediatric dentistry team. In fact, when they pass adolescence and enter adulthood, they are also cared for by them, as they are the ones who have the experience and training necessary to provide them with the best possible oral and dental care, which is always our maxim with all sectors of the population.